On the Bus 在公车上

来源: 浣氬悕 2014-10-22
  On the Bus 在公车上
  Bus driver : Move to the rear of the bus, please. There're plenty of seats in the rear.
  Daisy : How much is the fare, please?
  Bus driver : Thirty cents. Drop it in the box.
  Daisy : Does this bus go to Washington Park?
  Bus driver : Take Bus No. 9. This is No. 6.
  Daisy : But somebody told me this is the right bus. I'm going to Park Avenue.
  Bus driver : This is the right bus. I'll let you off when we get there.
  Daisy : Thanks a lot, driver.
  Willie : Driver, I want a transfer to the 66th street cross-town bus. How much is the fare?Bus driver :(Giving him a transfer.) There's no charge for transfers.
  Willie : Is it good on any crosstown bus or only on the 66th street crosstown?
  Bus driver : That transfer is only good on the 66th street bus.
  Willie : I'm going to First Avenue. Is 66th Street my best way to get there?
  Bus driver : Yes.
  Judy : Driver, does this bus go to Washington Square?
  Bus driver : No, take Bus No. 10 across the street.
  Judy : Thank you.
  1. rear n.后面、背面 "In (the) rear of," 在……后面。
  2. fare n.费用
  3. transfer v.转车,换车:此为名词,转(换)车票