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  1、 张菁菁,16岁,山东

  Trust and Love

  Good evening, everyone!

  Throughout my years of being a student, I’ve had many teachers. None of them are the same, but the one that I’ll never forget and will always miss is my Chinese bilingual teacher in the middle school I attended in Seattle, Ms. Ho. She was a skinny, but stylish lady in her 50s. She was different from all the other teachers because she gave me something unforgettable.

  Ms. Ho and I became friends right in the first semester I was in that middle school. At the same time, I was having a really hard time with my subjects. Since I had just transferred from a bilingual school, where I had stayed for two months after arriving in the US, my English was horrible; my average grade was below C. I almost thought it impossible to learn English. Then, one day she told me she strongly believed that I was capable of controlling my life, and I would be just fine. She said that she found we were much alike: Both were stubborn, kind-hearted and a little bit simple-minded. She believed that I had the quality of becoming wise. She even said that she didn’t have any worries about me, about my not learning English. With her encouragement, I found the strength within myself and began to desire to work even harder. As a result, I soon proved her right, and at the end of the semester, I got a 3.8 average grade.

  Today, I still keep in touch with her, and she still tells me how she believes in me. Sometimes, I’d think back, and wonder how I could handle all those things if it wasn’t for her encouragement and trust. Could I be the person I am today? Then, it struck me: What we need has always been trust and love of others; because these things inspire us to do our best, and to live our life to its fullest.

  To sum up, I’d like to say to all of you: Let us all appreciate trust and love of others and achieve our full potential in our life!






  2、 李杨,16岁,天津

  Smile for life

  First, ladies and gentlemen, please look at my face. Do you know what I’m doing? Yes, quite right, I’m smiling.

  I like smiling, because it makes me more confident and more popular.

  Don’t you think it important?

  Can you imagine a world without smiles? Can you bear seeing sad faces here and there? What a gloomy world it would without smiles!

  But people sometimes overlook the importance of smiling since it is so simple. It seems that people are always in such a hurry for their own business that they complain a lot about the lack of happiness in life and some people even want to be Harry Porter to learn the magic spell of happiness.

  Now and here I should that, ladies and gentlemen, every one of us knows exactly well what the spell actually is and the spell is so simple and just at hand. What is it? That’s smile.

  Smile is such a magic spell. It is a kind of emotional contact. It makes strangers becomes friends. It makes parents and children understand each other better and it makes the love between lovers deeper.

  Smile is such a magic spell. It’s also a kind of encouragement. It makes people feel warm in ice and snow. It gives thirsty people power to walk on in a dessert. It makes cowards become brave and it makes people see hope in desperate situations.

  So please remember ‘Smile & make your life brighter’ and smile for life. Every time you smile you give yourself a perfect chance to enjoy life. Every time you smile, you bring the brilliant sunshine to the whole world around you as well as to yourself.

  Nike tells us Just do it. So I will say: Just smile it.











  让我们模仿着NIKE的广告语说:“Just smile it!”

  3、 孙汀汀,15岁,内蒙古

  Seeking Pleasure

  Not long ago, I read this story in a magazine: There was once a group of young people searching everywhere for pleasure but what they got was only annoyance , melancholy and torture.

  So they turned to Socrates for advice on where pleasure lay. But instead of giving any answers, Socrates asked them to help with building a boat first. The group of guys had to set about the task, laying aside their own business of seeking pleasure. It took them a long time to cut down a tall tree, gouging out the center. Through painstaking effort, they made a canoe out of the tree. They launched the canoe into a river, and then rowed together in it, singing with joy.

  Socrates asked: “My children, do you have pleasure now?” They answered in chorus: “We couldn’t be happier!” Socrates added, “That’s it! Whenever you are too busy pursuing something definite to notice anything bitter, pleasure will occur.”

  From the story I got to know that pleasure always hides behind every tiny thing that you are engaged in, and that you may only get pleasure through hard work and creativity.

  It also tells us that we might have no alternative but to experience some pain in our daily life and in the process of seeking pleasure, or sometimes tend to look for pleasure in material things, like a new car, clothes, etc, but true long term pleasure comes from within our soul and spirit. So why not turn suffering into praising life, and turn tears into the light in your heart, only in this way can we make it through and hold the magical spark to light the fire of life.

  So my dear friends, just remember pleasure is a state of mind and a matter of choice, and I wish you all a life of pleasure.








  4、 杨沫囡,17岁,河南

  To choose, To give up

  A poet leads me to a branch road: on one side, there are lots of sweet apples, lovely and charming; on the other, there is a patch of thorn, what hides behind the success of struggling against the thorn is a splendid palace. I deeply know that if I choose the apples, I will give up a precious opportunity of becoming a queen; While if I choose to challenge, I have to say farewell to the apples. Which one should I choose?

  Just like the branch road, we have to make a lot of choices during our lifetime. It is usually considered that we are choosing what to gain, to own, but in my opinion, we are just choosing to give up.

  Choosing to be a teacher means giving up the life as rich as a business man;

  Choosing to be a top student means giving up much leisure time in front of the TV.

  Sure, it’s a torture, but we must judge carefully what is more important, then give up the others. Don’t think of them any more, just focus all your spirit on what you are doing.

  I myself, who is standing here, have already chosen to challenge in such a great competition, so I have to give up ten days of normal classes in school and relaxation without pressure. But I am still pleased, because giving up properly makes me stick to my choice.

  Let’s return to our branch road, which one will your choose? I choose to challenge here!









  5、 宋劼,15岁,江西

  Ordinary Happpiness

  Good morning everyone:

  As we all know, happiness is something that every person is chasing. I always try my best to find out what is the true meaning of happiness. And I think I got it last week.

  It was an ordinary Saturday morning. I felt a little tired because of the preparation for the mid-term exams. It was not long before my mother came in with a large bunch of white roses picked from the seller’s gardon. During the next few minutes, we were both busy putting them into a big cley case. Looking at the flowers, I found the dark sitting room became bright, so did my mood, just like a person gets some fresh air when he feels dizzy. All the feeling of boredom flew away.

  Then I remember a poem named “Life could be worse”, which said:” For the weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I have been capable of working hard. For my alarm that goes of in the early hours, because it means I am alive. And finally, for too much e-mail, because it means I have friends who are thinking of me. “I learnt that happiness is not the diamond in a necklace, nor a dream far away, it’s just your attitude towards life.

  If you realize it, a simple cup of cola with ice can bring you a cool summer, for happiness is so ordinary that it’s right in the palm of your hand.

  Thank you!







  6、 王雅菲,16岁,湖北


  Ladies and Gentlemen:

  I am honored to be standing here to deliver a speech entitled “Friendship”.

  The hero’s mother in the movie Forrest Gump says, “Life is a box of chocolates”. I would say that life, with friendship, true friendship particularly, is sweet as honey. It is moonlight cast on the tranquility of a lake on a mid-fall night, enchanting to the soul. It is morning dew on rose petals, pleasant and pleasing to the sense of sight. It is cosy fire on a bitterly cold winter night, warming the heart.

  But as Helen Foster Snow remarks, “Friendship is no common weed that grows along the way. It’s highly cultivated and watered day by day.” Like an infant, it needs constant care; like a young tree, it can not be left to the tender mercies of severe weather. True friendship consists more in “a friend in need” to give to than “a friend in need” to take from. A true friend is a person who can be turned to, who is ready to lend a listening ear, who is willing to share feelings.

  Friendship should be mutual, otherwise it will be subject to withering like plant in drought. Like genuine love, true friendship has to be a two way experience. Be it the former or the latter, if one expects to be solely on the receiving end, then s/he will be too optimistic about it: it is hoping against hope that it will last. Love or friendship of this kind is dangerous, as it is contaminated by the dark matter in human nature – selfishness.

  Not infrequently does friendship need to be cared and tended, fostered and nourished, so that it will “stand at every crossroad, so good and strong and true”.

  Thank you!





  但是,正如Helen Foster Snow所说:“友谊不是那撒在路边的种子。它需要每天的精心呵护与浇灌。”友谊似一个婴儿,它需精心照料;友谊似一棵树,它不能被遗弃在没有丝毫怜悯与同情的严酷的环境中。真挚的友谊更多是在于对挚友的付出而不是索取。一个愿意帮助你,一个随时准备聆听你述说,一个愿意和你分享感受的人才是真正的朋友。




  7、 丹增曲桑,17岁,西藏

  My Hometown

  My hometown is Lhasa, the largest city on the roof of the world. It is the heart and soul of Tibet. I think Lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is surrounded by towering mountains and rarely a day goes by when you don’ t see the deep blue sky. Lhasa River is flowing quietly around the city.

  Lhasa is the mixture of tradition and fashion.

  Firstly, Lhasa has a long history. It is the political, cultural and economic center of Tibet. It has lots of famous sights to offer. The Potala Palace is the most famous, a magnificent and wonderful place to look at. In my opinion it is a unique artistic achievement of the Tibetan people. Likewise, the architecture, carvings and paintings throughout the city show hard work, wisdom and bravery of our people.

  Secondly, led by the reforming and opening policy of China, Lhasa has changed a lot. Many new things have arrived up here, changing the face of the city. The old and new lie side by side in Lhasa.

  Many new buildings, schools and roads have been built here. Furthermore, the Qing—Zang railway leading to Lhasa is being built. Many shopping centers have been opened, and modern technology like telecommunications is spreading. The whole city looks prosperous, and our Tibetan people take on a new look. Every festival, people walk around freely on the new, wide and smooth streets, wearing the beautiful traditional costumes.

  Right now, I am looking forward to a festival called Shodün which comes in June for eating yoghurt. At this time, all my family and I gather for a picnic together at the Norbulinka, a famous garden. In the garden, we sing Tibetan songs, dance “Guo Zhuang” on the grass; eat Zanba, drink butter tea and barley beer on the beautiful carpet as well. We enjoy our life. I think that this festival exhibits the open-minded and optimistic character of the Tibetan people.

  Finally, “I love my hometown. I love the people in my hometown.”.

  Thank you.








  现在我正期待着雪顿节的到来,这个节日在六月初,是一个吃酸奶的节日,当这个节日到来的时候,我和我的家人、朋友聚在一起在有名的公园—“罗布林卡” 里面野餐。我们在草地上一起唱藏歌,跳锅庄舞;踏着美丽的藏式地毯吃糌粑、喝酥油茶和青稞酒,享受我们幸福的生活,我认为这个节日展示了西藏人民开朗、乐观的性格。




  8、 欧阳智芳,17岁,新疆

  I am proud of being a girl

  Honorable judges, ladies and gentleman, Good morning.

  My topic is I am proud of being a girl as to emphasize the differences between Chinese women in the past and Chinese women today.

  In old China , women usually stay at home and looked after their babies , while men went out to work to provide the families and give financial support. In modern society,office lady and housemen are becoming more and more common. Women in old times were less educated because there were no jobs available at that time. All jobs were given to men. At present, not only can women receive a good education, they also have the freedom to realize their talents and seize the opportunities to pursue their chosen career. This is a great development for women in Chinese culture compared with their situation in the past. In old days, women were forbidden to go out, They had to follow their parents without any opportunity to relies their dreams, or even to t to have any hobbies. They must be extremely sad in such miserable situation. Nowadays, women have the freedom to travel any places they desire without permission. They have their own life styles and unique viewpoints. Girls are treated equally as well as boys, They have the same chance to do everything.

  To conclude my speech, I want to give encouragement and to inspire the young female students in China by telling them, Girls are not weaker than boys, if you want to pursue your dreams, first of all, you have to be proud of being a girl.

  That's all, thank you!


  9、 唐嘉婕,15岁,上海


  Five years ago, I went to Shao Xing to visit my cousin. My grandpa had been outside smoking when my aunt called him into the house. He left his cigarette on the front porch steps so he could continue smoking it when he returned.

  My cousin was curious to see what smoking was really like, so he picked up the cigarette, put it in his mouth and puffed in smoke. Next, he was coughing his head off. He looked like he was about to throw up, but he stretched his hand out toward me to offer me the cigarette. “Come on try it,” he said.

  I just grabbed the stupid thing out of his hand and smashed it with my shoe. Then, grandpa returned. “Where’d my cigarette go?” he asked. I just stood there, not wanting to admit what I had done, or what my cousin had done before that. But I knew that this was the moment of truth. I took a deep breath and began to explain.

  I told my grandpa that I could’t really believe he would choose to smoke. I was sure he knew how bad it was, so why did he do it? He said he started smoking when he was just a teenager. Now he was so addicted that he couldn’t stop. It was just too hard to quit.

  Here was an old man, my own grandpa, admitting there was something that he couldn’t control that was probably slowly killing him. I stood there in disbelief, dumbfounded. Then I remembered this commercial I had seen on TV. There was this lady who was so addicted to cigarettes that she’d gotten really sick. Doctors had to cut a hole in her throat for her to breathe, and she was still smoking through the hole! It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Standing in front of my grandpa, I began to cry. What if that happened to him?

  Ever since that day, my grandpa has cut back on cigarettes. I know one thing: I want to live a long time. I don’t want to be sick or out of control of my life, the way that lady was. I’ll never smoke. I’ll take fresh air.








  10、 陈奕伦,16岁,北京

  I am a boy who loves baroque music, especially the works of Johann Sebastian Bach. At my age, loving classical music is seen as an exceptional taste, but I don’t agree with this. For me, age is irrelevant when it comes to music. The most important thing about listening to classical music is to have a heart of godliness.

  Bach is considered now to be one of the greatest musicians ever. Why is that? I feel it is because of his devotion towards god. Bach had devoted his whole life to revealing the glory of the lord by music. Composing, for Bach, was a way to connect the divine world and the mortal world. Similarly, I have devoted my musical taste and life towards listening to Bach’s music. In other words, the way I view Bach is how Bach viewed god. With this same kind of piety, I am able to connect with Bach on an emotional level, which allows me to overcome the difficulties and frustrations I face in life. I consider myself to be very similar to Bach because we are both persistent in setting and achieving goals.

  The spirit of Bach’s music inspires me and helps me to face my life with a new determination to fulfill my goals. It is evident that Bach’s music has and will continue to shape my life in years to come.

  If you’re able to listen to classical music with emotion even just once, I know that you’ll find a new positive influence in your life just as I did.





  11、 顾文天,17岁,黑龙江

  Learn To Treasure

  Although Father and I were very close, we had a normal father- and- son relationship. I believe that in each family, the relationship between father and son is like a tiny stream, without any wonder while full of feelings and emotion.

  Father used to tell me what makes a man. Sometimes we would discuss this to the early hours of the next morning sipping on our cups of tea. During the evenings, he taught me to be honest and kind-hearted. He told me: Learning to be a man is the most valuable thing in one’s life. His words turned out to be the brightest stars in my sky and lit up my path when I did not know which way to turn.

  Father was an expert in history and mastered a clear insight into everything. He managed to make mundane historic events into interesting stories and told them to me with great patience. We even argued about these events at times. His stories turned out to be a warm spring breeze and they melted the ice in my thoughts.

  Later, Father got seriously ill. He never expressed his suffering to me. On the contrary, it was my studies, my health, and my future that he was really concerned about. He told me: The real nature of a man is in being staunch. Man should learn to carry the burden of grief.

  And then he passed away in piece, leaving me a succession of recollection. His words echo in my mind. All he did was plain and simple, but rooted in my heart. As soon as I gathered them together, Father became a great book.

  I met Father in a dream. He smiled, and told me in his gentle voice: Boy, treasure your mother; treasure everything that you possess.


  Thank you!